Looking to bring a toy design and kids product idea to life? Idea Reality can help you get it to market.

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Toy Product Design

Our product design team have many years of experience in creating new toy designs for clients around the world. 

If you want to develop and prototype an exciting new toy design idea, then Idea Reality are the perfect toy product design company for you.  We’ve previously worked on a diverse range of toy designs and children's products. Whether your project involves a large toy, a compact handheld product, intricate electronics, or a simple and cost-effective design, we customise our approach to suit your project demands. Our goal is to deliver market focussed toy design that stands out in its category. 

Check out some examples of our toy design and product design for children in our portfolio

Toy Design Services

At Idea Reality we appreciate the need for both imagination and innovation when designing toys and children’s products. We are passionate about turning ideas and concepts into captivating toys and products that inspire children.  We also understand that every toy design project is unique, and that's why we tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements and vision of each client. Our toy design process often includes several of the following stages: 

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Toy Workshops & Concept Design

We work closely with you to brainstorm ideas that resonate with your target audience. We understand the need for ‘friendly’ and approachable designs whether in the form of the 3D product or character visualisation. Once all parties are happy with the general ideas, we can begin turning them into imaginative concepts in 3D CAD before presenting them to you as realistic renderings. 

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Toy Development & Toy Prototyping

Our experienced designers can then start translating these concepts into detailed and prototype ready designs. It is also at this phase where we start carefully considering the child safety aspect of the toy or children’s product design in more detail. We can then select the most appropriate approach or technology for prototyping. We can create prototypes using a wide range of processes and in various types of materials too (food safe plastics for example) to suit your project.

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Toy Testing and Iteration

This phase is particularly important with toy and children’s product design. Not only ensure the product performs as expected and meets the necessary safety standards but also appeals to the target audience. Feedback from testing informs iterative improvements to refine the final product. 

Electronic Product Design

Toy Manufacturing Support

From sourcing materials to liaising with manufacturers, we provide end-to-end support to bring your toy design from concept to production.

Our design team will take into consideration important factors for the design of toys for children, such as a safe material selection, and adhesion to safety standards from entities such as BSI or ASTM.

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Branding and Packaging

Idea Reality can support the development of your toy product's brand identity and packaging. We can help you with the design of a logo, brand guidelines document and packaging nets for printing, to help you get your product on the market.



"From the very moment l contacted them they gave the confidence and guidance to move forward into an unknown world to take my idea to manufacturing. Each step linked in with the last step and all made sense to complete the process."

Steven Robinson - Duo Ball Thrower - UK

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"This company went above and beyond! They were able to take an idea and make it a reality! They made the process as smooth as possible and provided excellent guidance! Highly recommend!"

Kristen Lewis - Sunny Smiles - USA

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"Idea Reality offered a great team that was easy to work with, professional, and very responsive. It really felt like a true collaborative effort, where any additional thoughts we had, during any stage of the process, were received, respected/appreciated, and considered."

Howie Romans - Ti'tains - USA

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Examples of Our Toy Designs

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