Duo Thrower

World's first two ball thrower

Due Ball Thrower Product Design Manufacture
Double Dog ball thrower

Double the fun, half the effort

Idea Reality was tasked with a simple brief: create the world's first two ball thrower. The design was quickly validated adding an extra socket onto exisitng throwers, after which a clear and cohesive design was created, ready to go into manufacture. By engaging with our trust supplier network, a suitable manufacturer was easily established and the first run of production parts were shipped in less than 6 months from idea conception.

This simple invention is great as it tackles a very simple problem: dog owners who have more than one dog but only one ball thrower to use. Idea Reality often finds it is the simplest ideas that can be the most successfull, but if you are unsure, our workshop offerings are great to discuss if the idea is valid and how we can help.

Duo Thrower in action

See the world's first two ball thrower in action!

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