Concept Product Design

Combining style, functionality and ergonomics

The initial piece of design work that allows a new invention idea to take its form, concept product design explores a range of options in order to combine the style, functionality and ergonomics of your invention in order to produce a design that will look, feel, and function just as you intend. This important first phase is where we will brainstorm and create several concept designs routes exploring the general features as well as the shape and construction of the product. We recommend generating 2-3 different concepts providing you more ideas to ensure the best solutions are carried forward and developed. Not only that, the manufacturing route would also be considered. The outcome of this work will be a professional pdf visual presentation that realistically displays your concepts and explains the design thinking behind each. The value that this stage and our product design team can add to your project is tremendous.

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Idea Reality's product design team can help you innovate, design, develop, prototype and manufacture your new concept into a successful market ready product.

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Concept product design & manufacturing

Concept product design also serves as a way to explore different manufacturing methods early on in the product development process; providing a range of different value designs for all budgets and requirements, from low cost and mid-range to premium manufacturing. As with all product design stages the exact requirements and deliverables will be tailored to the individual project. Our team have an excellent understanding of manufacturing processes which means your concept design will be viable and realistic for mass production processes.
Flushbrush product design prototyping

Concept prototype & concept design

Prototyping a concept design is an essential step in the development process. Sometimes the only way to know if a design idea will work is to physically prototype it and test. These early prototypes will use the most cost effective means to proove the design and allow for informed decisions to be made. For those occasions when an invention idea may have already been planned and formed or the budget for design development and prototyping is restricted, meaning only a single concept is required to move the project onto the next stage of the process, concept prototype design enables you to progress effectively; bringing your invention idea to market in a way that suits you.

Establishing the form & function of your invention

Concept design serves to establish the product’s form and function, laying down the foundations of the subsequent stages of engineering or prototyping. Each concept design is displayed in a visually stimulating presentation with associated information and instructional annotations which can then be used to evaluate the designs against each other and also for building a crowdfunding campaign.

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Catipilla went from concept product design through to million pound business!

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