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We know the route to launching your product idea can appear daunting, but we are here to help. Idea Reality can offer you free, honest advice on the best route for your unique project. Please note that sending your idea for a review to us gives you no obligation to work with us or to pay anything. And don't worry, you always retain 100% ownership of you idea.

1. Submit Your Project Idea

Start by filling out our project submission form and tell us about your idea, from how to got to it to where do you see it heading! Any research, quick sketches or prototypes you might have are also be very useful for us to understand your project vision.

2. Have a Free Idea Review Call

If we feel we are the right people to help you develop your product, we'll schedule a free call with you to go through your project idea in more detail, assess innovation and feasibility of the concept and discuss the envisioned plan of action.

3. Get a Free Project Proposal

We will then put together a project roadmap proposal, outlining the anticipated stages and costs of developing your idea to a ready to manufacture product. We will be in a position to begin designing your new product idea when you are!

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Free Idea Review Steps


IP Protection

Signing an NDA

The protection of your idea is one of our biggest priorities. Therefore, before you share any details with us, we offer and recommend you signing our Non-Disclosure Agreement. This document legally protects all the information you communicate to us.

If you choose to develop your idea to us, you still retain 100% ownership of your idea and all intellectual property.

Concept Idea Workshop

Project Idea Details

Submitting Your Idea

By filling out our Project Submission Form, and sharing as many details of your idea and research or developments made, we will be able to better understand your project and evaluate whether we are the right company to help you.

If you have any type of compiled research, crude sketches or homemade prototypes, don't shy away from sharing that with us! They can be extremely valuable to helping us understand your vision for the project.


Free Idea Review

Free Idea Review Call

Once we have reviewed your submission, and if we feel we might be able to help you bring your invention to market, we will schedule a free idea review call with you. This will allow you to better explain your idea and for us to better review and advise on your idea's:

  • Innovation and unique selling points - Will the product stand out on the market? How can we differentiate it from competitors?
  • Validity, feasibility and manufacturing options - Will it be viably efficient to produce cost-effectively to achieve desired selling price?
  • Business requirements - What are your goals and ideal routes to market?
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Roadmap to market

Free Project Proposal

Our team will put together a Free Project Proposal document, tailored to your particular project.

This document outlines the anticipated stages of work needed to design, prototype and develop your idea into a ready for manufacturing product. It will also give you a rough indication of the costs of each of these stages. Even though we are unable to guarantee these won't change throughout the iterative design process, they should give you a helpful indication of what to expect of this exciting process of turning your idea into reality.

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