Electronic Product Design & Prototyping

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Idea Reality offers an effective electronic product design process which blends mechanical design with the required electronics to bring your product to life. Working seamlessly between the physical and electronic hardware allows us to design products successfully meet the necessary requirements and constraints of both disciplines. We know from experience that working in this way can both reduce development time and lead to the creation of superior products.

We believe this is critical consideration when selecting an electronic product design company to work with.

We are confident that our in-house electronic product design experience, network of electronics teams & mass production factories will enable your project to reach customers faster and to a higher standard. Depending on the level of complexity in your electronic product idea, we can tailor our process to suit your project needs.

Electronic Product Design & Prototyping

Electronic Product Design Process

Every electronic product design is unique, and therefore we tailor the electronic design process to suit each project. Certain key milestones tend to remain the same and our product design process page will help you understand these main stages in the design process. An effective and efficient process helps reduce the development time and costs, avoiding mistakes and ensuring the electronics integrates seamlessly within the mechanics and aesthetics of the end product.




This stage typically includes but it not limited to analysing existing products, conducting product teardowns, and setting up basic component tests. By conducting a research stage at the start of the design process we can better understand the electronics needed for the desired application. A feasibility study can often be required when technology, systems and component options are unknown. This can be a vital initial part of the electronic design process in order to ensure the most suitable design is developed in line with client briefs, usability and manufacture/RRP budgets.

We may also conduct bench prototypes using off the shelf electronics in order to prove functionality before moving onto miniaturisation and full PCB construction.

Noti electronic wearable technolody design prototype


Electronics Specification and RFQ

Once a concept is developed our first step is to create an Electronic Design Specification Document that outlines the product functionality, initial component selection, block diagrams, PCB sizes and layout within the product casing. At this stage, components simply only blocked out within the CAD model to help our electronics teams. We then work with our developers to further define the components and ensure that the mass production cost is appropriate before completing the development of the electronic hardware.

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Schematic and PCB Design, firmware Development

Electronics Hardware Design and Build

The electronics specification is shared with our electronics teams to get PCB development and general electronic assembly underway. Here the electronics' requirements will be further established and refined. We have the capability to create electronic product prototypes from simple gadgets through to complex machines and systems with many components. Several iterative revisions may be required to get the electronics to a prototype ready stage. Once the electronics have been validated and verified by our hardware and firmware engineers, you will be provided with a functional sample.

Electronic Product Design

electronic design integration

Electronic Prototype Design

Once we receive an initial sample of the electronics, we can combine and assemble it into a full design prototype. Ensuring that the electronic and mechanical design elements in your invention are perfectly integrated into the product, our experienced electronic designers can create a wide range of electronic products and working prototypes. Idea Reality creates electronic prototypes such as simple gadgets and motorised products through to complex machines, mechanisms, and systems with many components.

We have experience in IoT Devices | Bluetooth & Wi-Fi | NFC & RFID | Wireless Charging | Battery Storage | Vibration & Heat | Security & Alarms | Plug & Socket Design


Electronic product design

App Design and Development

Although most of the firmware development takes place during the Electronics Hardware Design and Build stage, there are instances where the firmware requires further tuning or implementation with an app. It is at this stage where this can take place. We can also begin to explore the design and development of an accompanying app, web or other software solution at this stage if required for your project.

Our experienced design team will ensure the design of your user interface (UI) has an effective, appealing, and user-friendly design. We can begin by creating basic wireframes, site maps and personas to ensure the user experience (UX) is as effective and enjoyable as possible. Following this we can pull together any branding assets to create a polished visual prototype before starting on the code development alongside our app and web design teams.

As our designers will typically be involved in your project from the very beginning, we will have complete understanding your project's vision. This enables us to combine your brand, product's ethos and aesthetics into an app or other user interface (UI) that perfectly ties together with the mechanical design of your product.

clockurlife concept design development

Electronic product design

Seamless Integration with Industrial Design

The electronics are only one part of your product or invention. Users also need to fall in love with the form and feel of the product, with human interaction being key to success. As such the design team at Idea Reality put electronics, mechanics, and aesthetics on equal levels of importance and our designers are skilled in each discipline. 

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