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Dancing Solar Toys

Sunnny Smiles Figurines inside packaging
Suunny Smiles Figurines

The Perfect Gift

Sunny Smiles solar dancing toys were envisioned as creative, customisable holiday gifts, perfect for families and loved ones. Idea reality helped to bring this project to life, designing three distinctly amusing figures – A Dog, baby and a adult person, making sure the whole household is covered! Swappable, bobbing heads make each Sunny Smiles figure unique and personalized to their recipient. Just pop them by a windowsill or under the light and watch them go.

Sunny Smiles Customizable

Customisable Dancing Toy

Personalising is easy with the handy template that comes in each Sunny Smiles box. Use it as a cutting guide, or cut custom shapes to give the figure some distinctive charm. These can then be slid into the clip at the neck of the character. Once it’s under some light the head will start bobbing, making a charming, eye-catching desk ornament or mantelpiece trinket that will be a delightful reminder of loved ones at every glance.

Sunny Smiles Packaging

Branding and Packaging

Idea Reality also developed Sunny Smiles’ Brand identity, designing striking graphics and bespoke packaging for each variant of Sunny Smiles figure.

Final Packaging Net Baby Dog
All Sunny Smiles White Background
Dancing Solar Person

Dancing Solar Person

Dancing Solar Child Blue

Dancing Solar Child

Dancing Solar Dog Orange

Dancing Solar Dog

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