Do you have a revolutionary sports product idea? Idea Reality can help you take it to market.

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Sports Product Design

Idea Reality has helped several entrepreneurs and companies worldwide develop successful sports and recreation products.

If you are looking to develop and prototype an inspiring new sports design idea, our team can help.

Our experience in working on a wide assortment of sport design and recreational products makes us the perfect sports product design company for you. Whether your project calls for specifically targeted fitness products, sporting accessories, or an original take on the sporting experience, we customise our approach to suit your project demands. Our goal is to deliver market focused sport design that stands out in its category.

Check out some examples of our sport design and product design for health and fitness in our portfolio.

Sports Product Design Services

At Idea Reality we appreciate the need for creativity and innovation when designing sport and fitness products. We are passionate about turning ideas and concepts into practical and functional products that incentivise and encourage physical fitness and activity.

We also understand that every sport design project is unique, and that's why we tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements and vision of each client. The process of bringing your sports product design to market would generally involve the following stages:


Sports Product Workshops & Concept Design

Our workshops are the perfect way to kick of your project, allowing you to brainstorm alongside our experienced design team and develop a promising design brief based on your idea. We understand that sporting and fitness products often have a wide market and will help you design for your target audience. Once the project brief is defined, we can begin the exciting stage of Concept Design, where we come up with creative solutions for your idea and turn them into 3D CAD before realistically rendering the various concepts to present back to you.

Armony Artemis Sport Product Design

Sports Products Development & Prototyping

Once a preferred direction is established, our experienced designers can further engineer the design and develop it to a prototyping ready state. At this stage, the team will also evaluate which prototyping technologies will be most appropriate for the design and product function. With sport products often involving a requirement of strength and stability, we will take into account the anticipated testing activities and select the most appropriate prototyping routes and material selections.

motion lab innovative running backpack design

Sports Products Testing & Iteration

Testing and iteration are crucial for sport and fitness design. With many products being used closely to the human body, this stage helps to ensure these products meet all the necessary safety standards and functional requirements, as well as being ideal for all shapes and sizes. As an example, ensuring the same level of comfort between uniquely different users would be hugely beneficial for a wearable sports product and feedback from testing would inform the iterative improvements that refine this in the final product.

Backstack product design

Sports Products Manufacturing Support

We can support you on the journey of developing your sports product design, from concept to production. Using our network of trusted suppliers, we can help you identify suitable manufacturers for your product, and help you liaise with them, providing all the technical documentation, CAD files and material requirements of your new product.


Testimonial MotionLab-01

"IdeaReality has taken Motionlab Bags from a conceptual prototype to a proven, robust product that could be demonstrated to potential customers, tested in the real world, and ultimately presented to a factory for mass production".

Robert Moncreiff - MotionLab - UK

Testimonials Urban Eyes-01

"If you have a solution to a problem, then Idea reality are the team to help you get it from idea to actual product! The guys commitment to you is a rare quality in today’s world, as they have a real passion for your product to succeed."

Tony Rossiter - The Urban Eyes - UK

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Examples of Our Sport Product Designs

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