Developing Your Product Idea

Idea Generation

Onboarding Brainstorm Workshops

Idea Reality offer creative idea brainstorming workshops where you can get involved in the early stage design process. In many cases as the inventor or client you will be the best person to know what might work best for the end user. Combining your experience and our innovative design approach we can collaborate to generate ideas and outline the key product features. A concept design stage will generally follow the brainstorming to present several product design concepts of your idea.

Concept Design

Visualising your Product

The concept stage is the first piece of design work that gives a new product design idea it’s form and function in a visual representation. This stage normally involves an exploration of possible options. This could be a range of many different styles and methods of operation. It could also show versions with different manufacture methods providing a range of production value options. For example a budget, mid value and a premium option could be designed. 

On occasion the idea may have already been planned out and a form selected. Additionally the design budget may also be restricted meaning that only a single concept is required to move the project onto the next stage. However it is always recommended to explore any possible design options early on so that the product design idea progresses forward with the best possible design.

Each concept is displayed in a visually stimulating presentation with associated information and instructional annotations. These can then be used to evaluate the designs against each other or to present to potential investors as initial designs. They can also be used for building a crowd funding campaign. The sole purpose of a concept design stage is to establish the prefered product form and function in order to engineer and prototype the product.

Market Research

Existing products and Patents


Having a search carried out and a report of the findings can be very useful at the start of a project. Not only can you find out if your idea has already been patented by someone else but you can identify conflicting ideas or alternative competitor designs. A patent search can give you the confidence to further invest in your product design idea. Getting a search carried out will allow you to avoid possible conflicts and ensure your product is best prepared when it comes to applying for your own patent.


As well as patents we can look at the market as a whole and understand what is already on sale and the trends in the industry. A search of online retailers and industry associated sites such as reviews and articles can be carried out to generate a big picture and understanding of the sector. A report would be compiled with findings.

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