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Outdoor Product Design

From adventure equipment to casings designed to withstand to toughest of environments, we have an extensive understanding of the outdoor design sector. This knowledge and experience in designing successful outdoor products allows us to produce market ready and well thought through designs for our clients.

Let us know about your exciting outdoor product invention ideas and we’ll be able to help! We’ve developed and helped launch several outdoor products for our clients and understand what works and sells well. We pride ourselves on delivering intuitive and robust designs for our clients.

Check out some of our successful outdoor products like the Golf Tent and Ballers Goals.

Outdoor Product Design Services

We love designing products for outdoor use at Idea Reality. The challenge of balancing various product requirements such as aesthetics, performance, and product cost, is something we excel at. We understand the importance of creating reliable design solutions and that’s why we consider the feasibility of various materials, productions techniques and technologies throughout the entire design process.

From our experience we understand that a successful and market engaging outdoor product may progress through some of the stages outlined below:

Mesh Sides

Outdoor Products Workshops & Concept Design

During a workshop we enjoy being collaborative and discussing the design options with our clients. The aim of these workshop sessions is to create a well-defined design brief, guided by your vision. However, we also appreciate importance of challenging ideas and concepts to create the most innovative and market ready designs. Following these discussions, we will begin realising your idea into one or several concepts in 3D CAD before presenting this work to you as realistic renderings in a PDF presentation.

3d printing product prototype ideas

Outdoor Products Development & Prototyping

Once the concept design direction has been decided, we can begin engineering the CAD to be suitable for prototyping. Our knowledgeable design team can then aid in the selection of the most appropriate prototyping technology and choosing the best material option for the given product environment. We may begin by producing low fidelity models that prove the principle before moving towards aesthetic models and eventually more production level samples.


Outdoor Products Testing and Iteration

Meticulous testing ensures that the final product meets the required specifications and gives us an opportunity to see areas which may not perform as expected. The prototyping and testing process is often cyclical, consisting of several rounds of iterative design changes until we and our clients are happy to progress into manufacturing.

27 170922R Motion Lab (BTI-5323)

Outdoor Product Manufacturing Support

At Idea Reality we pride ourselves on supporting our clients right until the end of the design process. Our design team is on hand to help throughout the decision-making process, from material selection to liaising with manufacturers and suppliers. We can provide you all the necessary documentation and files to go straight into production should you wish.

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Examples of Our Outdoor Product Designs

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