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Catipilla pro cat climbing product

Creating a feline playground

Catipilla is a high quality, contemporary cat climbing system for indoor and outdoor use around the home. The modular range makes great use of vertical wall space and appeal to a cat’s natural climbing instincts. The system combines many types of plastic injection and expanded foam mouldings along with quality aluminium extrusions and other metal fabrication processes.

Designed by Idea Reality and manufactured in the UK. The Catipilla features an adjustable pillar with an innovative locking and security mechanism designed to support pets but collapse under the load from a person trying to climb.

Catipilla high plate product
Catipilla cat climbing product scratcher

Established design language

Creating a family of products, Idea Reality maintained the premium aesthetic throughout the Catipilla range, empowering the brand. This followed into new products, such as the scratcher which, through prototyping and testing, quickly made its way onto the market to satisfy consumer demand.

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