Flush Brush

Innovative toilet brush design

Flushbrush product design 2

Innovation in toilet brush design

Leaving the brush head discreetly in the toilet bowl, and attaching a handle when needed, the FlushBrush as featured on BBC Dragon's Den, keeps dirty away from clean. Idea Reality have taken the FlushBrush from initial brief through to working prototype ready for launch. The design has been patented and successfully pitched to the Dragons. It received 2 offers and Hampshire inventor, Tom Keen, chose to accept a £50,000 investment from new Dragon Sara Davies.

Flushbrush brush head cradle innovation

Rethinking user interaction

The most important feature of FlushBrush prototype design is that the head is detachable from the handle. The brush head, which makes direct contact with the toilet bowl, remains inside the toilet, where waste belongs. Each time you routinely flush the toilet, water passes over the silicone head, preventing bacteria buildup.

Flushbrush product design cradle holder brush head
Flushbrush product design toilet brush handle brush head
Flushbrush product design handle stand

Marketing success

No more dirty water in a nasty pot, no more brown bristles, no more storing waste - just a clean, modern tool for the job

The latest FlushBrush prototype was launched on BBC Dragon's Den on 11th August 2019. A crowdfunding campaign was launched at the end of January 2020, getting fully funded within the first 2 days of launch. To find out more and be one of the first to own one visit: flushbrush.co.uk

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