Luxurious gold-plated hand sanitiser

UBDI gold metal product design
UBDI metal prototype design

Luxury in your palm

UBDI's limited edition gold-plated stainless steel hand sanitisier is the most luxurious hand sanitiser on the market, taking the mundane daily essential that is now the hand santiser and applying cutting-edge design and turning it into a head-turner, luxury object fir for the most demanding clientele.

UBDI 3D printed plastic prototype

Precision prototyping

UBDI approached Idea Reality to create a high-end hand sanitiser. Since we generally work on more economical consumer products, we were excited by the challenge that a high-value product brings.

Working closely with the client and suppliers, we developed the design for precision CNC milling of high-quality stainless steel, creating multiple prototypes, to finese the design and create an impactful form that exudes quality. We utilised our in-house 3D printers to validate early developments, then used our external metal fabrication partners to prototype finely-tuned steel models prior to production.

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