Launch and promote

From practical advice on new invention help to complete crowdfunding ideas and how to launch a product, Idea Reality goes beyond product design to help you bring your invention successfully to market, offering personalised advice & guidance in the following areas:

  • Business start-up support
  • Crowdfunding
  • Licencing
  • Design protection
  • Funding & investment
  • Logo, packaging & website design

The team are also on hand to support you and your project through the early manufacturing stages, resolving problems whilst working with your chosen manufacturer to ensure production quality remains high throughout.


Crowdfunding ideas

Funding can often cause fundamental problems and present barriers for entrepreneurs and individuals with invention ideas and, whilst Idea Reality Ltd focuses on keeping our costs low, a complex design or a project requiring research and development could push costs up and beyond self funding levels. 

In these situations, crowdfunding can provide the ideal solution; allowing you to achieve investment for your project without giving away shares or rights to your intellectual property (IP). 

Before embarking on a crowdfunding campaign, brainstorming and planning your approach with effective crowdfunding ideas can help you get the most out of your campaign.


Logo, packaging & website design

From bespoke product packaging creations through to product delivery systems and enclosures, the Idea Reality design team provide innovative packaging designs to make your product and its branding stand out from the crowd. 

Whether a simple box, ornate casing, dispenser or bottle, our experienced and creative team of product design experts can help you create the packaging design that’s right for your product and your brand.


Sales presentations

Providing you with all the presentation material you need to successfully present your product design idea to investors; whether you require a licence for the design rights or find a business partner, we provide professional, clear and practical information alongside appropriate figures, images and demonstrable animations specifically for sales presentations, to help you communicate your project in an engaging and accessible way.

angel investment design sales presentations

Get your product on Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den offers entrepreneurs, inventors and SMEs in the United Kingdom the opportunity to present your invention idea or existing product to the ‘Dragons’ - well known and celebrity entrepreneurs, often with decades of business and investment experience - in exchange for potential financial investment and ongoing business development support. 

Watched by millions of people living and working across the country, Dragons’ Den is also a valuable chance to get your product in front of potential customers, if and when you appear on the show.

Our experience in launching products, prototyping, patents & intellectual property, manufacturing and new product marketing ensure we’re well-placed to help you get your product on Dragons’ Den in a cost-effective and timely manner should the opportunity arise.

New product launch services

Highly experienced in a range of new product launch and marketing strategies, Idea Reality’s team of professionals are on-hand to guide you through the most effective ways to launch and market your new product; ensuring your invention reaches the right people, in the right ways.


Crowdfunding support

What’s more, if you choose to crowdfund your product on a dedicated website such as Kickstarter, we can support your campaign with advice, videos, marketing materials, and production cost research; providing you with all the information and tools you need to succeed.


Licensing your invention

Licensing your invention may have many advantages, depending on your overarching goal, and typically means the licensee assumes all business costs and risks associated with the invention from the licensor (the inventor), from manufacturing and marketing, to protecting any patent associated with the product, and leaving the licensor with either a one-off payment or royalties in return.


Business start-up support

Our business start-up support offers expert support and guidance on how to take your product to marketing using your own resources; turning your product into a viable and sustainable new business, whether with part funding from investors or via crowdfunding campaigns.


Grant funding support

Particularly if you’ve never applied for grant funding it can feel like a complex and confusing process with dramatically different requirements, guidelines, and restrictions; with grants ranging from between a few hundred and a few thousand pounds. 

As well as crowdfunding support and licensing advice & guidance, our team of professional product designers possess a wealth of experience in grant funding applications - ensuring you secure the funding you need to take your product to market.


Product videos and animations

Whether you need product videos and animations for sales presentations, investment opportunities or marketing efforts, Idea Reality possess the skills to create a range of videos for different types of products and markets. 

Combining high quality film with digital 3d product animations and graphics, our product videos form engaging and inspiring short films for use on your website, social media channels and/or your crowdfunding campaigns.


Product images & photography

Any campaign requiring a range of still images, from 3d CAD visuals to product photography; adding key details to a proposed product and strengthening sales videos to give potential buyers the confidence they need to purchase, high quality product images and photography can help transform your invention idea into a marketable product.

Product images can often include:

  •  How it works
  •  Internal electronics, mechanisms or material construction

Product images can also be used to showcase unique aspects of your design and/or key features; helping you differentiate your product from the competition.

Alongside this, product images can also be used throughout your marketing efforts; across your website, social media channels, and within the press where appropriate.


Production costs and sales prices

Taking the stress and confusion away from working out production costs and sales prices, Idea Reality will gather a range of production quotes for you from our network of trusted manufacturers and suppliers. 

To ensure consistency and clarity, our production quotes will include proposed assembly and packaging costs - helping you understand the complete costs associated with manufacturing, and easily make a decision on the optimal sales price and profit margin for your product.

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