Why prototype an invention idea?

Prototyping a new invention design is an essential step in the product design and development process. There are many reason an inventor or entrepreneur would want to create a prototype of their design idea.

Prototype design testing

Prototype to test a design

Testing a design idea is the main reason for building a prototype. Before you patent and manufacture a design it would be wise to test it to see if it works as expected. It would be wise to check that the design look, feels and functions as required before investing further in the product.

Prototype design development

Prototyping for product development

When a new product idea involves unique aspects such as mechanisms, moving parts, special materials and electronics it can be necessary to create several development prototypes to test changes and experiment with components. This will enable the final design to function effectively, enhancing user experience and manufacturing efficiency.

Licence presentation prototype

Investment or Licensing

A working prototype of your design to show potential investors will enhance the chances of gaining a licence deal or financial backing. Being able to hold a product in the hands makes it real to the user and this can be far more effective than simply using images and video.

crowdfunding investment prototype

Crowdfunding prototype

For many crowdfunding campaigns a prototype can be an essential requirement. This may be a working prototype or a mock-up to demonstrate the product idea and build investor confidence in your product. Kickstarter requires product campaigns to have a prototype.

types of product prototypes

Types of Prototypes

Prototyping can take many different forms depending on the need during the product development process or business strategy. For more information on the different types of prototypes see our Product Prototypes page.