Our Product Prototype Design Studio

Find out more about our creative product design company and prototype development studio in Hampshire, UK. It doesn't matter how big or small your business is - we work with global start-ups and solo business owners, as well as worldwide corporations.

What We Do.

Give into creativity. Smart product design and flexible solutions.

Welcome to Idea Reality. Our product design studio is based in the heart of Hampshire, UK - but we work with clients from all over the world. We hope to dramatically improve customers’ lives and acquire new customers—or expand our relationship with existing customers—by designing great product experiences for them. And as we do that, we want those experiences to be elegant, unified, and speak a common language.

Innovative Concept Prototype design

Many of our projects begin here - concept product design. The design phase involves creating several variations of the product to explore options such as functionality, style and manufacturing process. Our in-house team of experts work with you to produce a range of ideas in order to maximise innovation before moving on to the development stage.

Team of Invention Design Experts

Our team of expert product designers and developers are passionate about creative innovative solutions and will help you bring you idea to reality. You will also work with a dedicated Account Manager who will help you understand the process and any costs involved with the development and production of your product.


Our Product Design Process.

Every journey is different, but it's important to understand how the product design and development process works and what to expect along the way.Our skills and services include:

Get It Done.

You're Our Priority.

We provide you with solutions - fast. Our open plan studio layout means our expert team can put all our focus on clients from the moment your email lands in our inbox - no waiting whilst your email bounces from one department to the next!Whether you are looking for a brainstorm meeting in the next couple of weeks, or need assistance from start to finish of a long lasting project - we are here to get it done!

Working Together.

We work together with you from the start to finish of the project. You are involved in brainstorming and decision making at every step of the design and development process. We are passionate about your ideas and want them to succeed - which is why Idea Reality will help you engage in crowdfunding and taking your product to market!

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