The Golf Tent

Portable and modular golf lesson shelters

Golf Tent

All year sporting protection

The Golf Tent is the first complete portable golf and sports cover that allows Golfers and Golf Coaches all-round protection in any weather and the capability to practice and coach in any location Idea Reality worked with the inventors of the Golf Tent to come up with potential concept ideas for construction, materials and shape of the tent. The first generation of golf tent went with a premuim inflatable option and we helped the client to bring the product to market, create sales information and branding.

The Second generation design features a modular rotating canopy designed to deploy very quickly. This design is aimed at both home golfers and golf pros offering lessons and as such comes at a very competitive cost.

Rapid Deployment,

Competitive Cost

The Golf Tent can be set-up as a single module or extended when required with more modules It really is very quick and very simple, it can be moved around and pointed in any direction.

You can set up your Golf Tent anywhere. It takes only 5 minutes to put up, and take down. It is very easy to take off site and is a fantastic way to promote your establishment. Being very lightweight, it can be easily moved around your site without taking down.


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