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Armony Artemis Sport Product Design
Armony Artemis Sport Product Design Prototype

Issues in the field

With soccer players spread across the field and fans roaring in the background, effective and instantaneous communication with players evades even the top coaches in the world. They are left with no choice but to scream, shout, and jump from the sidelines in the hope that their simple message might reach a player 100m away, often causing them to lose their voices. Additionally, practices and drills constantly needed to be paused so that coaches can correct players actions. 

Communication is key

That's why Idea Reality was approached by Armony to create Artemis; the world’s first, patent-pending, wireless communication system made specifically for the use of soccer teams. This system creates a direct connection between coaches and their players, simultaneously transmitting coaches’ instructions and eliminating the need for coaches to yell to their players. Idea Reality helpd Armony get to a prototyping stage with working electronics so a full team and their coach can use the product.

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Armony Artemis Sport Product Design Prototype Manufacture

Training with the Spanish National Team

Armony technology is being trialled by major football teams around the world including the Spanish National Team under the management of Luis Enrique. Watch the video to see the training session in action and how the product helps the team enhance their training.

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