Finish The First Steps In Designing Your Product

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Thank you for starting your product design journey with us - we can't wait to get stuck in! We're proud of what we do and strive to help you create products which you'll be proud of too, and that's why we're an award winning product development & design agency! 

We wanted to grab you before you go because we want to help you finish what you started. After completing the first step of the design process, you'll need a team of professionals (like us) to help and guide you through completion. We will:

- Develop your product further
- Research and feed back what manufacture options you have
- Talk to you about how you can ensure your product is leading in innovation
- Tell you what costs will be involved along the way
- And research other ideas which you may not have thought of yet!

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This fantastic package is available for only £995 + vat.

Don't say we don't spoil you.

More detail can be seen here: Brainstorm and Patent Search package
When we deliver the end results of the First Step Bundle, you will be well on your way to creating your innovative and compelling product with:

- A bespoke market report
- A bespoke basic patent search
- And a plan of action following a 2 hour brain storm with our design team

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Drop us an email with your contact details. We can get an NDA in place before you disclose your idea to us.