Choosing a product design company to develop and prototype your product idea

Many UK product design companies exist today that offer prototype design and development services but which should you decide to work with. Here are some tips when selecting a product design company for your idea.

FlushBrush product design as seen on BBC Dragons Den. A self cleaning toilet brush

1. Company product design portfolio

Does it inspire confidence in the teams capabilities? Does their work excite you? What could they do for your project?

An established and successful product design company will have an extensive portfolio of real world projects for you to review. When you look through the product designs initially do you like what you see and does it wow you? Look out for detail such as real photography of finished designs and prototypes rather than computer generated images. Did the project reach manufacture and is it on sale? If it looks like lots of design concepts with no real detail then this could be a red flag. You may want to contact the company / client that the project was done for to get their feedback and give you further confidence.

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2. Check out reviews and testimonials

Spend some time checking out reviews and testimonials to see how others have got on with the product design company. A good pleace to start is google reviews. Facebook should have reviews and you can also look at social media profiles to see another side of the companies.

UK Product design company and cad development

3. Ensure you understand the product design services you need

Every design project is unique and should be tailored to your needs. 

Ensure the product design companies you speak to are skilled in the areas you feel most essential. So they tailor the product design process to suit your needs and explain in detail what is involved at each stage?

3d printing product prototype ideas

4. Company prototyping facilities

Find out what the product design company's prototyping capabilities are. Do they have in-house facilities, 3d printers and workshops or do they outsource the production of prototypes?

Product design company award winning team

5. The Product Design Team

Does the company have a strong team of product designers and electronic engineers? 

For example if your product idea involves electronic product design as well as mechanical industrial design it woul dbe best to work with a product design company with those design services and expertise in-house.

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