We have seen this more and more - innovative companies are using their forward-thinking ideas as brilliant marketing tools, and getting ahead of their competition.


Often when businesses think of innovation, they think of sci-fi-esque futuristic gadgets or simple changes in their office to help the workforce operate quicker and seamlessly. But innovation can help your brand stand out and strengthen the messages you are sending out to your potential customers. If your brand allows your customers to experience it, the way they feel after using your service of product will have a much longer lasting effect than any ad you publish.


Image result for samsung life saving truck

*Image taken from Google Images

To give you an example, Samsung created a life saving truck inspired by the alarming statistics of traffic deaths on Argentina’s narrow roads. This prototype truck had a wireless camera mounted on the front, and was live-streaming its view onto a huge wall of Samsung video screens on the back of the vehicle. Pretty memorable and effective - one you'll remember when choosing your TV.


Another example is Norwegian Air who enabled free Wi-Fi on their planes improving their passengers experience and changing the perceptions of their brand. A cheap airline who not only promises to trump the fares of their competitors but also offers free Wi-Fi on board - we know who we would choose *opens Instagram for live stream of the sunset sky*.


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*Image taken from Google Images

Another great example is the Volvo Life Paint, created with the brand ethos in mind: safety first. The UK team produced a reflective safety spray paint which helps cyclists be seen on the road and helps them keep safe.


And to finish our round up of some great innovation marketing we present to you Gatorade who created a bottle cap technology which measures your hydration rates - the smart bottle uses a microchip and disposable sweat patch to update users on the amount of sodium they lost, and flashes to remind you to drink (a Gatorade of course!)


A glowing red “change” neon on a wall


What we can take away from these examples is that innovation and marketing go hand in hand - use your great ideas and changes to a marketing advantage, and be memorable.


The benefits of innovation marketing are:
- You will stand out in front of competitors
- You will help strengthen your brand core values
- You will be remembered by your potential customers and subconsciously employ brand ambassadors


And remember to have fun with innovation! Try new things, test out products, create prototypes... We can help you along the way!