If you're a keen golfer enjoying the game in the beautiful UK grounds, you have probably come face to face with bad weather which makes the game frustrating and less enjoyable. Wind and rain make the game harder, and cancelled lessons are frustrating for both beginners and their coaches. Equally, hot weather climates can be dangerous for a golfers health with constant exposure to the sun. But how do you get around weather?


Stephen and Michael, the creators behind The Golf Tent, came to us with a brilliant plan. They wanted to create a product that would allow golf to be played in any weather - rain, wind, or scorching sunshine. They needed a product which could be portable, easy and quick to assemble in difficult conditions, and wouldn't damage the golf grounds. This product would also need to move around easily during the duration of the game.
In addition, this product needed to be able to be used at events promoting golf like fetes and parks; and extend in size to accommodate either one player or multiple players.


Here at the product development studio we helped turn this product into a reality - we present you with The Golf Tent! The Golf Tent combines all the above elements to make it a must have for both pro and beginner golfers - it allows you to golf in any weather, come rain or sunshine. The Golf Tent is available to pre-order on their website and has been getting interest from all over the world - from the UK to Australia!


Good luck Stephen and Michael - we can't wait to see how the brand grows in the next couple of years!

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