April 22nd is Earth Day and this year it's all about reducing plastic pollution which we all know is devastating our planet. At Idea Reality, we support causes to help us save the planet and wanted to get involved this year in helping raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and ways on how you can reduce plastic pollution.


Plastic pollution affects seas and land; marine animals are harmed by plastic in such ways as getting tangled in plastic objects, or ingesting plastic waste. They can also be exposed to chemicals which are harmful to them. But It's not just animals who are affected - humans can suffer from plastic pollution too. Not only can we be exposed to dangerous chemicals, but we ingest fish which could have eaten plastic - remember, you are what you eat.


It's a shame to know that in the UK 5 million tonnes of plastic are consumed per year, but we only recycle 24% of this. As well as making sure you recycle as much as you can, here are 5 tips on how you can make a big difference by helping reduce plastic pollution:


1. Buy a reusable water bottle and carry it around with you - you're helping to save the planet AND saving money!


2. Don't use plastic cutlery. We know it can be hard especially when you fancy a salad for lunch and all they have is plastic forks to take away with you, but you can use the fork in your office OR carry around a spoon/fork with you.


3. Get a bag for life and carry it around with you - most places now charge for plastic bags, so you will be saving money and the planet too. Supermarkets all offer bags for life whether it's a tough plastic bag which will last you years; or a hessian version which you can use for many different things.


4. Say no to straws. Consider whether you actually need a straw with your drink, and if you don't then refuse it. To save the bar from throwing straws away which they have put in to your drink, pre-warn them that you will not be needing a straw.


5. Choose loose in supermarkets. Veggies come with a lot of plastic packaging so try and shop for loose fruit and vegetables to help reduce the amount of plastic - and usually they're cheaper too! Or switch from supermarket to the local greengrocer where they are more likely to use paper bags.


What will you do to make a change this Earth Day and help reduce plastic pollution?