We have been inspired to get motivated and on our spring clean by one of our latest projects - the FlushBrush, the hygeinic toilet brush. FlushBrush leaves the head of the brush in the toilet bowl without anyone noticing it, and you can attach a handle when needed - keeping your toilet and bathroom free from germs. We were very excited to work on this project from start to finish - starting with an initial brief, and prototyping ready for lauch. The FlushBrush was demonstrated at this years Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms Show in NEC Birmingham.

You can read more about the FlushBrush on our portfolio page, and hopefully you'll be just as inspired as us to get in the mood for a spring clean/declutter! Here are our 5 tops tips on how to spring clean / declutter your creative space:


1. Keep only what you need at arms length. We're all guilty of cluttering our desks with unnecessary paperwork, stationary, and memorabilia. Rid your desk of visual clutter by only keeping the essentials like you keyboard/mousemat, 1 or 2 pens, telephone, and a cup of hot coffee; remove stacks of paper and stationary in to their designated spaces like drawers or cupboards.


2. Sort through your 'holds everything' drawer. We all have one - that drawer where everything lives: from paperclips to old post it notes and snack bars. This drawer needs to be cleaned and detoxed - remove old notes and accessories which you no longer use, and make space for those things you really need to keep at your desk!


3. Avoid using your e-mails as a to-do list. Decluttering isn't just for paper and physical files, it's also for the digital files like the hundreds of e-mails in your inbox. Take a couple of hours, or even a day if you need it and go through your inbox - then create an actual to do list and clear this digital space.


4. Minimise your desktop icons. Whilst we're on the topic of digital declutter, having too many icons on your desktop can be stressful, especially when you need to quickly find a shortcut to a folder. Streamline these icons and make sure you have clear access to the folders you use the most. File away documents, don't just store them on your desktop!


5. Disinfect your workspace regularly. Keep a drawer of cleaning products and make sure you use them all over your desk, but especially on the keyboard and mouse, drawer and door handles, and anything else you touch on a regular basis.


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