If you're a new inventor, or a business who has not worked with Idea Reality before, we want to introduce you to our new special offer - available for a limited time only! You can book a professional creative session with our Hampshire product design team for a small investment; explore your product idea even further and get involved in the early stages of the product before your project goes in to design, development, and prototype!

Idea Review and Brainstorming Session With our Hampshire Product Design Team

You will receive up to 2 hours with 2 or more of our Hampshire product design team; have the opportunity to explore options for your product design (features, construction, manufacture process) before investing further into development; identify any potential new areas of IP - the normal cost for this session is usually over £250! You are not behind the scenes but upfront when it comes to brainstorming ideas and thinking about the design of your product.

Product Patent and Market Search Report

Our Hampshire product design team will carry out a basic patent search, perform an investigation into the current market, and produce a guidance report based on what they found out. This is an ideal form of early due diligence - it will help us to differentiate your product idea from what is already out on the market. The service for this package is usually in excess of £250!

Brainstorm and Research Special Offer

We're offering you all of the above for a small investment of £595+vat if you're an inventor or company who has not worked with us before. We want to show you that product design and development is not as scary as it can look if you're unsure about the process - if this sounds like something you want to talk to us about, visit our Brainstorm and Research Special Offer page or contact us on 03330 119940 or email [email protected] with your details.