Importance of Product Design and Why Consumers Buy Into Products

Successful products which sell on the market are defined by clever product design – especially now that consumers have even more power when it comes to recommending a product and being advocates (or haters) on social media. We have worked on many product design and development projects in different markets all over the globe, and have seen how product design is evolving and what makes the consumers buy in. We wanted to share these insights with you and let you in on our thoughts about why consumers buy into products.

Create For Convenience.

Think about why you personally use the products that you use – the likely answer will be that these products make your life easier and they work quickly. The key to capturing customer attention is to create a product which won’t keep them waiting or confuse them with complex processes – you can lose attention in a matter of seconds, so it really has to work! When designing a product you have to think: “If I’m the end user and my convenience is important, what does this product have to do for me, and how can it be better?”

Think About The ‘WOW’ Moment.

The ‘WOW’ moment is the moment when a customer really falls in love with your product and doesn’t ever come back from it – for example how the magnetic charger in a MacBook simply jumps from your fingertips to the plug portal and connects; or that moment when all the kids scooters in the hallway are nicely tucked into their Scooterpegs and you walk without tripping up. These are the moments you stop and think ‘Wow, this really is cool – and useful!’.

Prototyping is a key stage of getting this ‘WOW’ moment right – it could be a feature you as a creator overlooked, but it’s the feature that will hook in your customers and make them fall in love with the product. It could even be something that is an unnecessary feature, but makes your product stand out in the crowd.

Make It Simple.

You’re allowing your customers one opportunity to feel a little silly in using your product – the reality is if they come back and still can’t figure out how to work a product for the second time, they’re gone. You need to make the process of engagement simple at every single step of the customer journey, and ensure you provide easy to digest details of how the product works. One way to discover pain points in a consumer journey is to test the product on different groups of people and figure out the common culprits in creating blockages within this journey.

Global trends.

Identifying gaps or new markets that need product design and invention. The best example of this is the Covid-19 pandemic that affected and continues to affect the whole world. Within a matter of days and weeks the demand for for certain products shifted dramatically. Face masks, hand sanitisers, ventilator parts and homeworking / exercise products where in so much demand that governments and whole countries were fighting over them. Such products suddenly became huge money makers and the product design industry burst into overdrive to fill the new demand for such products. Likewise many products suddenly lost all demand such as suitcases and reusable coffee cups. If you can spot an opportunity and be quick to react you could profit from tends or situations and hopefully help solve problems and make your customers lives that little bit better.

With these thoughts in mind, Idea Reality helps creators (big and small!) to design products which grab the attention of consumers and encourage more people to buy in. If you would like to talk to us about your product idea and get a free idea review by one of our lead designers, please email us on: [email protected]

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