We understand that thinking ‘How do I turn my idea into a product?’ can be an overwhelming thought process, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So we wanted to share with you how we help our clients turn their ideas into physical products, and what steps you should expect along the way.

First of all you need to understand that no design process is identical because no ideas are identical – all design formats are tailored to you and your idea. You need to speak to a professional, like one of our product design managers, who will be able to tell you more about your tailored journey and discuss costs involved. You can get your FREE confidential idea review with Idea Reality by clicking here!

That’s another thing to note before you start: you should expect a cost estimate based on the type, size, and complexity – but you also need to be prepared for potential changes in the cost depending on the options you choose and how the design develops during the process. Several prototypes may need to be created before the design is working perfectly and ready for production.

Following the initial conversation we’ll need to work together closely. Often you (our client) are the expert in your industry and you have a vision of how you need this product to be; and we have the knowledge and technical expertise to make it happen.

Your project will then move to the concept design stage – during this stage your design will get its initial form and function, but keeping manufacturing methods and costs in mind. We recommend a minimum of 3 concept ideas to allow our designers to present a range of possibilities to you; but it can consist of a single concept if the brief is very clear and precise. Once the concept has been agreed, you will then move on to concept development – this involves engineering and debugging the chosen concept so it can be prototyped.

Prototype construction is the next step in your idea journey. At this stage, your design will be constructed using 3D printing or other quick prototyping techniques – all created with materials such as plastic, rubber, metals, and ceramics. At this stage your design will begin to look and feel real – it’s very exciting! This is also the time to fine-tune and identify any areas for development – often this helps to identify areas where the design can be improved. Further prototypes may be required before the eventual outcome is perfectly functioning prototype ready to take to manufacturing!

We pride ourselves on being skilled in multiple manufacturing processes – at Idea Reality we know how to create a design which will be high quality yet budget friendly! We work with our long term manufacturing partners to get you competitive production costs and have your product mass produced. Alternatively we can work with your preferred manufacturers, to ensure smooth sailing through the production stage of the process. We also help you pre-sell the product through crowdfunding in order to raise manufacture startup funds.

Drumroll – your product is here! No longer are you left wondering ‘how do I turn my idea into a product?’ but you’re staring at the finished product! But you’re not quite done yet… Your product will need packaging. This packaging needs to reflect your brand, be eye catching, and unique. Don’t worry, if you’re in the dark about design and have no clue how to go about producing packaging for your new product we’re here to help. From branding design to help you create a recognisable logo and graphics, to product launch websites and crowd funding campaigns, we won’t leave you in the dark after your product has been created and manufactured.

This is a basic and simple outline of how to go about turning your idea into a product, and as we mentioned at the beginning of the post each journey is individual – submit your idea to us for a FREE confidential review by clicking this link!

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