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One of our most recent product design projects was a collaboration with MotionLab for a truly innovative rucksack design – The RunCommute bag, a rucksack that moves with you. What makes tis rucksack idea a hit is that you can carry everything you need for the office without having weight on your shoulders. You could literally run or jog on your way to work with your office kit and laptop in the rucksack – but none of the uncomfortable pains or pressure on your back.

How does The RunCommute bag from MotionLab work?

The RunCommute bag has a unique suspension design and flexible spine system which has been developed to allow free movement whilst running, without making the user feel unstable. It comfortably places the weight of the bag onto your hips – and totally off your shoulders.

The rucksack features an innovative and patented chest buckle which is designed to help the user breathe easy throughout their journey – and although it’s not restrictive, it’s still secure on the move due to the clever chest harness system.

Many commuters struggle with the amount they carry on their shoulders whether it is a laptop bag or a regular rucksack both of this can put weight and pressure on our backs. The RunCommute bag can fit everything you need to take to the office with you: laptop, shoes (because let’s face it 90% of commuters on the train are in trainers which won’t make the cut as office uniform!), clothes, notebooks. And for quick access to items like your phone, Oyster card or wallet there are quick access pockets on the front of the bag for your convenience.

Our Process of Product Design and Creation

Idea Reality are proud to have worked with MotionLab from the very beginning of this project. From helping to develop The RunCommute bags innovative flexible spine, frame and chest buckle system to prototyping the plastic variations of the design, our expertise has allowed this idea to come to life and get on to crowd funding.

MotionLab is one of our recent exciting projects which have gone on to be crowd funded. We really enjoy hearing about innovative ideas which can help make the everyday life easier for its users, like this rucksack which can help with the pressure on your back, and to help you keep up with fitness as there is no excuse not to run or jog (or even power walk! to work.

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