The Best Inventions of 2017 According To TIME – And What We Think About Them!

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Earlier in November, TIME magazine released its roundup of the best inventions of 2017. This list was inclusive of technology, makeup, food, architecture, cars, fashion… You name it – if category diversity was the brief of their copywriters and journalists, they have hit the nail on the head. And it’s a great read for entrepreneurs!

We wanted to share this article with you and highlight some of the best inventions of 2017 which we think are great.


Best Inventions of 2017 According To TIME Magazine

Keeping Your Home Safe In The Digital Age

We live in a world where it’s easy to put your heating on at home when you’re miles away; there is so much technology inventions have allowed us to do! We can essentially ‘talk’ to our homes via devices – it’s amazing to think how far this technology has come even in the last ten years. But in the digital age we’re also faced with the possibility of technology being hacked, creating a world of problems for the user. But what if there was an invention which can eliminate that threat and keep your home safe? Enter Norton Core – this wi-fi router is not just to enable connectivity around the house but it also detects anything unusual in your system – if there is a threat of a virus, your device will simply be cut off from your home network. As a studio of developers who love technology and the advances the industry is seeing, we think this is a great idea! Prevention is always better than damage resolution – especially when it comes to you own home. View the product here.


‘I Don’t Know How To Cook’ Will No Longer Be A Valid Excuse

Hands up if you LOVE BuzzFeed’s Tasty profiles on Instagram and Facebook *holds up hand*. If you know about it, you love it – and if you don’t then you must have a look! These profiles break down international and complex recipes into bite sized quick videos which users can share and save for later. It’s one of the internets biggest cooking accounts – and for a great reason. You can learn how to cook a delicious meal in less than 5 minutes. But as the head of BuzzFeed’s Product Labs found out, there is a difference between watching and liking a video of someone else cooking; to actually doing it yourself.

So Ben Kaufman and his team have invented Tasty One Top – an induction cooktop which can sync with the BuddFeed Tasty phone app and guide you through the process of cooking.

It’s pretty awesome: a built in sensor and thermometer will track temperature and tell you when to flip or remove food from the heat – so you can cook the perfect steak! As we said in the title – there is no more excuses to not be in the kitchen experimenting with DIY onion rings and churros! View the product here.


The One We Just Had To Mention

Of course, Apple iPhone X has made the list of best inventions of 2017 according to TIME. So we just couldn’t not mention it! According to Dan Riccio (Apple’s Senior VP of Hardware Engineering):

“…the X is arguably the world’s most sophisticated smartphone, with a screen that stretches from edge to edge, a processor optimized for augmented reality and a camera smart enough to allow users to unlock the phone with their face.” (Though we have to mention that some of these features first arrived on devices from Samsung and LG.)

The major change in the phone has been the loss of the home button – which instinctively most people will expect to be there, but it’s time to move on with the future of product design and development. View the product here.


Every Shade Of Colour

One invention which has hit social media by storm was the release of Rihanna’s makeup range: Fenty Beauty. The singer challenged the beauty industry, which often caters mainly for lighter to medium skin tones (both in product and advertising) by introducing a range of 40 shades of foundation which includes lighter and darker skin tones – so every woman feels included. The invention and introduction of Fenty Beauty has been reviewed by many bloggers – as you can imagine people were super excited to try the shades of foundation and see if they matched expectations. So far so good as the ladies are loving their shades! Thus, Fenty shades for darker skin tones have been selling out and brands like L’Oreal have followed in style by including more colours in their ranges and advertising. View the product here.


As you can see this was a very exciting year for entrepreneurs and inventions across the world! From food to security, to beauty, to communication – we can’t wait to see how the trends go in 2018. And if you are an entrepreneur who has an idea for a great invention, but NO idea how to make it a reality then we invite you to get in touch and have your FREE product idea review with one of our lead designers!

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