Wellness industry and consumer technology continues to expand, wellness now taking a central space in our society, as consumers want to feel better and function better. Companies looking to attract and retain employees are starting to look into healthier working environments, bringing wellness to the office and workplace. Here at Idea Reality we have begun to practice breathing and Tai-chi movement times in the office to reduce stress and create more internal space which reduces stress and increases creativity.

Our research and current projects have highlighted several areas of focus:


  1. Home Tech. According to CBI insights, wellness will not only be looked at in the office and outdoors but also at home with smart homes, intelligent kitchens, smart refrigerators, sleep tech, lighting and other features to enhance wellness. Global wellness has started to look at homes that are designed and built to support the health of its residents. For the past two years we have seen an increase of start-ups and individuals focusing on this type of technology at Idea Reality ltd and we will probably see more coming in 2019.


  1. Sports Tech. According to wellness brand Mindbodygreen recovery will get a high tech makeover. From massage therapy gadgets, exercise therapy tools, recovery will become more accessible at home, and you may see this type of products popping up at your local gym soon. Armony ltd is a wireless device developed at Idea Reality ltd that helps coaches communicate with the football team effortlessly.

armony football product invention design

Source: Armony Ltd – football product invention


  1. Mental Health. Physical and mental recovery will continue in 2019. Reflecting the decreasing stigma around mental health diseases more start-ups are popping up to manage stress, etc., from meditation apps to some other products. Meditation app Headspace and Calm have both recently raised 76M and 88M as investors are capitalising on mental health economy. All this investments may look like a bit much for meditation apps, but this highlights that mental health is far from its peak. At Idea Reality we have worked on a number of products related to mental health and they are all currently top secret! So keep your eyes peeled as our new products come out.


Nike-Adapt-BB sports product design

Source: Nike product design

  1. Fashion Tech. According to CBI, wellness and fashion are becoming more intertwined. Nike has created a self-tightening shoe that can record physical activity. Clothes and shoes will highlight performance tracking features bringing them into everyday life. In our office we have seen a resurgence of tracking tech in sport products during the last three years. And a continuous presence of sports product over the last few years. We have developed Motionlab bag, a weightless backpack that takes all the weight from your shoulders.

MotionLab Bags – weightless backpack design motionlab

  1. Pharma Tech. Retailers are also seeing a change on the products at the shelves as beauty, fashion and wellness comes together to supply customers looking for more wellness products at the drugstore. From natural beauty products to women’s health and gut health. Moving forward into 2019 expect to see a wider range of this range in your local shop.



wall mounted cat scratcer product design

Catipilla Limited – Wall mounted scratcher

  1. Pet Pampering is on the high. As CBI puts it “The broader pet tech landscape has skyrocketed, with funding to private pet tech startups at an all-time high in 2018” Corporate activity in the pet care range is thriving with investors in Mars Petcare and dog walking app Wag! At Idea Reality we have been working on a few more products from the UK brand Catipilla. From their premium quality cat climbing frame that is now selling at Pets at Home to a range of new products like the replaceable cat scratcher now on Indiegogo. We are excited to see what other pampering products come to live in 2019.




  1. Anti-aging Tech. Another wellness trend for this calendar year are anti aging therapies. Start-up companies and research are looking further into technology and treatments that can prolong life. From intermittent fasting apps to biohacking, floating tanks and bulletproof 360. Here at Idea Reality ltd we have been working onto a new anti aging product called “My face lift” that combines physiotherapy exercises and adjustable technology to reduce the double chin. This product has been licensed to an US company who plans to sell it worldwide in 2019. With funding in longevity start-ups seeing a huge leap in the last 3 years expect to see much more in this category in 2019.
my face lift chin excrcise product design

Get My Face Lift –  Chin exercise product design

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