Innovative dog bowl design to help flat-faced dog breeds eat more comfortably

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Eat Easy

The EasyEat Dog Bowl is designed to aid flat faced dog breeds that struggle to feed from traditional low bowls, as well as older dogs who may not be as comfortable bending down.

The bowl itself is removable from the stand, making it easier to fill and clean independently.

Easy Storage

The design means that it is stackable, so that it is easy to store if you have several of them without taking up too much space.

Integrated feet prevent the product from sliding on smooth surfaces, meaning your pooch stays put.

See what's involved in our design development process.

three dogs in kitchen using easy eat

EasyEat Slow Feeder

The unique silicone slow feeder insert design has been created to slow down pets with 3 raised ridges whilst keeping the highly reviewed easy cleaning aspect of the original EasyEat.


Find out more about the Easy Eat product range on easyeatofficial.com/

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