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Tom Keen with invention on Dragons Den

Dragons’ Den offers entrepreneurs, inventors and SMEs in the United Kingdom a great opportunity to present your invention idea or existing product to a small panel of wealthy and experienced investors in order to achieve potential investment to develop your business or product further.

What’s more, an appearance on the popular BBC2 show can provide a great launch platform prior to crowdfunding or market launch thanks to it’s high viewer ratings.

Idea Reality has the vital experience to help you prepare your product idea ready for Dragons’ Den. Our years of expertise in launching products, prototyping, patents & intellectual property, manufacturing and marketing can help you to have your product ready in a speedy and cost-effective way.

Practical support, advice, and information for Dragons’ Den

We can get your product "Dragons' Den ready”

The experienced team at Idea Reality has supported many entrepreneurs and businesses to successfully present their inventions on Dragons’ Den; with one invention - the Flushbrush - securing a £50,000 investment in 2019 from Sara Davis.The Flushbrush then went on to crowdfund over £350k of pre-order investment!Using this experience and knowledge, we can help you prepare your product idea Dragons’ Den; our years of expertise in launching products, prototyping, patents & intellectual property, manufacturing and marketing helping you to prepare your product quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively specifically for the show.

Dragons’ Den success story: Flushbrush

"I sought the help of my wonderful design team, Idea Reality. They really understood and believed in the concept from the beginning, and together we began working on ways to make the idea work reliably... together with Idea Reality, we improved the design through a number of iterations, eventually finding a much smaller and neater head and cradle design."

 Inventor - Tom Keen

how to get your product on Dragons Den
Flush Brush invention idea on dragons den

Our client Tom Keen had only one month to finalise his prototype before filming in the Den. The race to complete the project was successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of our award winning design team and prototyping capabilities.

Thanks to this the product idea received full investment showing how we can support inventors to succeed in the den.

This clearly demonstrates how a good quality, working prototype can help inventors succeed in Dragons' Den.

If you see yourself as the next inventor or entrepreneur on Dragons' Den, contact us to see how we can help. We can help you to make a full project plan and get a clear understanding of what will be required to get you in the Den.

To help you get started we have put together this free inventor pack full of helpful tips whether you are wanting to go to the Den or not.

What’s in the inventor pack?

Helpful info including:

  • How to Patent + intellectual property
  • Routes to market
  • investment
  • Design process
  • Prototype development
  • Case studies.