Do you have a unique pet product idea that the market is missing? Idea Reality can help you be the first to market.

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Pet Product Design

From cat climbing systems to elevated dog bowls, Idea Reality has over a decade of experience developing pet product design ideas into successful, marketable products.

If you have a unique pet product idea and want to get your invention out on the market, Idea Reality is the right pet product design company for you.

Our clients are successfully marketing their pet products and we are glad to be part of their continuous product development journey. Whether your project involves a large pet installation, a compact handheld product, intricate electronics, or a simple and cost-effective design, we customise our approach to suit your project demands. Our goal is to deliver market focussed pet product design that stands out in its category.

Check out the examples of some of our pet product clients like Catipilla or EasyEat in our portfolio.

Pet Product Design Services

At Idea Reality, we love designing products for the wellbeing of our pets. We are passionate about turning ideas and concepts into practical and aesthetically pleasing pet products that are both easy to use and blend in to your home environment. To develop your pet product idea into a reality, our process would typically involve the following stages:

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Pet Product Workshops & Concept Design

We work closely with you turning your idea into a design brief that delivers to your target market. In a vast market such as the pet industry, we understand the importance of establishing your product’s unique selling points and delivering those through concepts that consider both functionality and aesthetics. After brainstorming and ideating different innovative routes, we translate these concepts into 3D CAD and realistic renderings to present to you and help establishing the project direction.

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Pet Products Development & Prototyping

The selected design can then be detailed and engineered by our experienced design team, into prototype ready designs. We can then identify the most appropriate technology for prototyping the concept, at different levels of fidelity and using different processes, depending on the stage of the process. At this stage we will also consider safety regulations and material selection, making sure it is both safe and resistant to pet use.


Pet Products Testing & Iteration

Initial prototypes allow us to test the concept idea, check sizes, fittings of parts or any mechanisms, and make the necessary adjustments to the design accordingly. This is usually an iterative process. Effective prototypes and testing are essential to inform improvements and refine the final product.

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Pet Products Manufacturing Support

We provide end-to-end support in developing your pet product idea, from concept to production. We can identify and liaise with manufacturers that can mass manufacture your product, providing them with all the technical information, CAD files and material requirements of your product.

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Accessories and Pet Product Range Support

Do you have more ideas to add to your pet product range? We can help developing extra accessories, or completely new products that suit your category. We will understand your brand’s identity and ethos and can help you develop products that fit into it and allow you to expand your business.



"The work they produced for our idea from the start all the way up to production has been outstanding. The one thing we are most grateful for is the time they have given us to help us understand how this procedure works and answering our thousands of questions!"

Callum and Declan - EasyEat - UK


"Idea Reality have been brilliant in translating our ideas into commercially viable products. They always deliver on time and within the budget they stipulated. They are also a great bunch to work with."

Andy Sutton - Catipilla - UK


"From the very moment l contacted them they gave the confidence and guidance to move forward into an unknown world to take my idea to manufacturing. Each step linked in with the last step and all made sense to complete the process."

Steven Robinson - Duo Ball Thrower - UK

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