Do you have the next big idea for a consumer product? Idea Reality can help you develop and take it to market.

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Consumer Product Design

Idea Reality has helped countless innovators and startups launch their consumer products ideas. Home products, technology gadgets, health and wellbeing devices – we have worked with entrepreneurs developing their ideas across a variety of sectors. Our knowledge and experience in designing successful products allows us to produce market ready and well considered designs.

We can help you establish the best direction for your consumer product to succeed on the market, nailing down target users, tasks, and environment, along with its unique selling points. Our approach will be customised to your project to suit its particular demands.

Check out some of our successful consumer products like Tevolt and Flushbrush.

Consumer Product Design Services

At Idea Reality, we excel at designing products for the consumer sector. We are passionate about developing creative and unique solutions with realistic, manufacturable outcomes that balance both user needs with any possible market gaps. Our innovatively developed concepts allow us to help you launch your business as efficiently as possible. To develop your consumer product from idea into reality, our process would typically involve the following stages:

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Consumer Products Workshops & Concept Design

Our initial workshops are the perfect opportunity to utilise the whole design team to brainstorm with you and help establish the desired direction for your idea. We will define your project’s requirements and unique selling points, and deliver those through both functional and aesthetic concepts, that appeal to your target audience. After ideating different innovative routes, we will present you with a selection concept in the form of 3D CAD and realistic renderings, for you to be pick your preferred design. Alternatively, you can choose to select different elements from various concepts which we can begin to engineer and amalgamate into a hero design.

Electronic Product Design

Consumer Products Development & Prototyping

The preferred concept design direction can then be detailed and engineered by our experienced design team, into prototype ready designs. The most appropriate prototyping technology can then be identified to meet the requirements of the design. Depending on the stage of the process, we will vary the type of prototype we create from functional and aesthetic models to user focussed or ergonomic prototypes, we will develop prototypes at various levels of fidelity depending on your project’s requirements.


Consumer Products Testing & Iteration

Testing is essential to prove the design is functioning as expected and meets the target user’s requirements. Especially when dealing with consumer products, that might be sold online via large retail platforms and be used by a variety of user groups for example. It is essential to verify a design and ensure it is understood and suits different audiences. Iterative prototype testing allows us to efficiently detect any issues and improve the design before any tooling may be produced.

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Consumer Products Manufacturing Support

Idea Reality provides end-to-end support in developing your consumer product idea, from concept to production. This means our design team will support you through the decision-making process, from material selection to liaising with manufacturers and suppliers that can manufacture your product. We can provide them with all the technical information, CAD files, material requirements and assembly instructions for your product.

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Branding and Packaging

We can also help support the development of your consumer product’s brand identity and packaging, to help you better establish your position on the market and retail sector. We can create a logos, brand guidelines documents and packaging designs for printing.

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Accessories and Product Range Support

Do you want to increase your brand’s product range? We can help you developing new products and accessories that suit your category. Having designed the initial product, we will understand your brand’s identity and ethos and can help you in the creation of new designs that will fit into your product line.


Testimonial Flushbrush-01

"IdeaReality helped me over three years to take my product from idea, to Dragons' Den success, all the way to manufacture and six-figure sales. You could not want more from a design agency, doing exactly as they state - making your idea a reality."

Thomas Keen - Flushbrush - UK

Testimonial Tevolt-01

"The clarity and detail of their process through each of the stages is something we loved so much that we implemented something similar in our new company. Also, working with them was like working with a friend who gave you real feedback on your idea and who helped you come up with better ideas."

Mohammad and Abdulla AlMoosa - Tevolt - Dubai, UAE

Testimonial Scooterpeg-01

"They have gone above and beyond with advice and being available when we needed support and we would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to bring their ideas from a sketch on a piece of paper to an actual product."

Rebecca and Danielle - Scooterpeg - UK

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