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Levey packaging design

Disrupting the market

Idea Reality was approached by Eden Gp Ltd which is an online business which sells products via the Amazon platform, wishing for us to design a new packaging range for their Levey brand - a feminine range of sanitary products.  

Levey’s brand ethos is providing skin friendly products at a reasonable cost for the female target market, with zero irritation, no harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes, using 100% natural cotton in their products. Therefore, the design needed to appeal to the target audience and stand out from their existing competitors in this industry.  

The full range totaled 13 products and consisted of: Sanitary Pads for day, night and super variants in 7 box sizes; Tampons with applicator in 2 different box sizes; Tampons without application in 2 different box sizes; Panity liners; Multi pack – presentation box.

Consumer product design
Levey packaging box printing

Packaging design development

Idea Reality initially researched and reviewed their existing competitor products before creating new design schemes for the new packaging, exploring colour themes and style of imagery and fonts for use on their packaging. The final chosen design theme was then taken and developed into various outer packaging box options including a new handy travel size option, which is unique to the Levey brand - “the pillow box” which contains 3 sanitary pads fits nicely into the end user's handbag.  

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Levey packaging box collection feature image

Sample review

Before finalising the final packaging artwork for each variant, box prototypes were created of the sample boxes unprinted for the client review, test and approve before for mass manufacture. Idea Reality thoroughly enjoyed working on this female-focussed product and the outcome shows an eye-catching design which stands out compared to their competitors. 

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