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ClockURLife is as it sounds, a clock, for your life – but it’s not as morbid as you think! Instead, it clocks moments and milestones, life choices and goals. It makes you more aware of impactful moments, and acts as a reminder of events and achievements that are important to you. You can either count down to events; ‘only 11 months until Christmas!’, or count up – following the life of your child, the clock growing with them. Create multiple events at once so that you can always be focussed on your next goal, or perhaps even just until your next holiday.

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ClockURLife will be launching on Kickstarter soon, but you can sign up via their website so that you are alerted as to when their campaign is about to go live:

See what else they're up to on their socials:

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DFM prototype

Against the clock

Idea Reality took the project through an intensive product development process of design, electronic and prototype development, with each stage and iteration getting closer to market-ready product.

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Electronic Product Design
Clockurlife colour prototypes
Clockurlife Logo Design

Creating the brand

Idea Reality not only developed the product, but also created the face of the new brand by utilising graphical elements relating to time as well using recognisable shapes from the physical product to show brand cohesion.

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