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Backstack pushup weighted exercise product
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Saving time, money and space

Many people lead busy lifetstyles these days, and travelling to and from the gym takes up valuable time, as well as money as gym membership gets increasingly expensive. But we don't have much room at home for weighted home gyms, so what's the solution?

BackStack overcomes these issues through clever design that solves the need for a compact home workout solution. The relatively small size means you can take it with you on the go, saving money whilst you're at it by working out at home (or other free space). BackStack has no boundaries, with a modular system allowing for versatile workouts, you can workout where you want, how you want.

Product designed and developed for travel and moving
Backstack pushup


A weighted fitness pack designed to hold weights in the optimal position on the user's back. This is different to any other weighted vest as the BackStack uses plated weights already on the market - you don't need to buy special plates just for BackStack. Placed in the centre of the shoulder blades, this is the safest and most effective place to carry out a wide range of workouts.

Backstack waterweight


WaterWeight allows the user to take weight with them anywhere, without weighing them down. Add up to 5kg of water to the WaterWeight. Once finished with the weight, empty the vessel - perfect for outdoor workouts by the beach or the lake.

Backstack resistance bands

Resistance Bands

The BackStack is designed to be compatible with resistance bands already on the market. It is perfect to add variety to a user's workout. It also enhances the on-the-go fitness capabilities of BackStack.

Backstack product design

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