Urban Eyes

Personal security vest for outdoor activities

Urban Eyes camera vest design

Visibile deterrent

During lockdown of 2020, our client's daughter was put off her normal running route, as she would not feel safe to go out on her own after reports of women being followed in their area. After failing to find anything on the market with wearable cameras suitable for this situation, our client came up with Urban Eyes; a visible deterrent that can been seen from a distance, letting people know that you are recording in front of you and behind you, leaving you to focus on your run, whilst urban eyes watches your back.

Urban Eyes camera reflective vest design

An eye for detail

Idea Reality supported the client through the development of the Urban Eyes vest, whilst focussing on the design and implementation of the camera housing. The key challenges for this were that it had to be rigid enough to hold the camera in securely whilst retaining enough flexibility to be comfortable on the chest and allow for easy removal of the camera.

Other features include:

  • Unisex design
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Highly reflective fabric sections
  • 2x bright white cameras, front and back, with 120-degree field of view each
  • Smartphone compatible

Visit www.theurbaneyes.com

Photos by SophieE Design

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