Next level card stacking, building and construction toy system

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Next level card stacking

Having experienced the difficulties of card stacking himself, our client, Howie Romans, wanted something to enable hobbyists of all ages achieve card structures with ease. The basis of the idea was a form of card connector, allowing cards to be joined in various ways to one another. Idea Reality spent time to understand what Howie was looking to achieve, whilst analysising existing products to identify pain points, from which opportunities for design innovation were established.

Following various design iterations, a versatile cube form became the design solution that was taken to manufacture. Since launch, Howie has gained significant interest from gaming companies looking to partner and even expand the use of Ti'tains card connectors for not just card stacking, but for gaming accessories to enhance the board gaming experience!

Check out what they're up to on their YouTube channel!

prototype toy design development
Toy design testing
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