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Scooterpeg kids product design manufacture
Scooterpeg kids product design innovation

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If you’ve got kids, you’ve probably got a lot of the kit that goes with them, meaning your house and in particular your hallway can often resemble an obstacle course made of shoes, scooters, bikes, bags and balls. Scooterpeg is designed to clear some of that clutter, enabling you to keep your kids’ scooters tidied away. Idea Reality has helped design and develop the Scooterpeg from concept through prototyping all the way to manufacture.

Scooterpeg product design
Scooterpeg innovative product design

Scooterpeg is the only way to store scooters off the floor and out of the way. It’s a simple design solution to a daily problem, particularly in urban areas, where space is limited. With over a million scooters sold in the UK alone and millions more worldwide, the accessories market is huge. It's the innovative way to store scooters. It’s also a cost effective alternative to the racks currently used by many schools and nurseries.

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