Meditative calming in the palm of your hand

calm stone prototype
calm stone prototype

Palm your calm

Calmstone aims to bring to the user a more relaxed and calm state of mind. Whether part of your daily welness routine or as a way to achieve calm in stressful situations, the calmstone can help bring about relaxation and in turn improves mental wellbeing.

The design team at Idea Reality worked hard to achieve a comfortable peddle shape that is pleasant to hold in the fingers and palm. The form is as compact as possible and a perfect balance of ergonomics and technology.

We incorporated vibration, warm glowing effects and wireless charging to create a smooth user experience. The casing hides the inernal electronics and whilst diffusing the light all around the pebble shape creating a magical effect.

calm stone prototype

Smooth as a pebble

The electronics are encased in a seamless outer casing, creating an inner glow that pulsates at a relaxing frequency for you to syncronise your breathing to. 

The vibrations also offers guidance that allows you to close your eyes and bring your attention inwards.

It nests snugly onto it's charging dock, being unobtrusive to the user's environment whilst being easily accessible and ready when needed.

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