Product Invention Design

Our extensive knowledge and experience in product invention design and development means the team here at Idea Reality is well placed to bring your invention from idea to market; offering turnkey services for product inventors. 

Our friendly award-winning team will guide you through the entire process and explain the stages and costs involved before you start.

Speaking to us and getting our advice costs nothing so if you are thinking to develop an new product idea or start a product based business then get in touch for a free idea review.


Confidentiality - Patents - Product Design Process - Research - End Goal

Alongside these, our knowledgeable and experienced team are able to offer advice on patents, design registrations, copyright, and create drawings suitable for patent application, when the time is right.

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From initial brainstorming to market research, our expert team of product designers can support you through all stages of developing your product idea, ensuring we achieve this in a way that suits you and best complements your invention; breaking all research conducted down into achievable actions.


Have your idea reviewed by our team of experienced and professional product designers during a studio session dedicated to brainstorming and patent searching your product idea; exploring all options available to you, and using the creative process to uncover the potential of your product and/or invention idea. Our brainstorming sessions outline potential new ideas generated from your original concept.


Often, we get asked by our clients should I patent my idea? and, in reality, there’s no simple answer, depending entirely on your circumstances. Protecting your idea - or intellectual property - is and incredibly important process in any product design or invention journey, but patenting can be a very expensive and time consuming procedure; costing on average between £1,000 and £30,000, excluding ongoing maintenance costs. 


A patent is a form of intellectual property (IP) that, once granted, protects the unique and inventive way that a product works. It grants the owner of the patent the sole rights to make and sell the patented product within the county that the patent was granted. Often an expensive and lengthy process, our patent advice can help you determine whether patenting your invention idea is right for you; supporting you by conducting a patent search and registration drawings where appropriate.


Whether you need support with prototype design, investment presentations or crowdfunding, our comprehensive invention design and launch packages have been created to help you achieve your goals; providing expert advice, guidance, and practical solutions to bring you from initial idea to product manufacturing as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Crowdfunding, Licencing, Self fund

Do you plan to sell / licence the IP within the idea, manufacture the end product in order sell through distributors or even start a new business and sell it yourself? The answer to this question could determine the best route forward and considering this could save valuable time and money. Simply get in touch with one of our friendly product design agency team to discuss the options and find out how we can turn your idea into reality.

Why Choose Idea Reality?

As well as our in-house team of experienced product designers, Idea Reality has extensive workshop and 3d printing facilities on site to get invention prototypes made and tested. Whats more you benefit from access to a network of specialist suppliers and prototype manufacturers; providing you with the knowledge, experience, and skills you need to make your invention idea a reality, whether it's a first 3D printed prototype to test your design or a working electronic demonstration prototype for sales and investment purposes.

Our experienced Hampshire based product design team will guide you from concept design through to prototype and manufacture drawings, bringing your invention design ideas and product development projects successfully to market with advice, guidance, practical and actionable ideas & support, and crowdfunding help.

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Dedicated design manager

Whilst working with Idea Reality, you’ll receive a dedicated design manager who’ll support you through every stage of your product design and invention journey; remaining your single point of contact for all communication and ensuring your project runs as smoothly as possible.

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Retain 100% ownership of your idea

With Idea Reality, not only do you receive expert advice & guidance at every step of your product invention journey from our team, a dedicated design manager, and confidentiality agreements wherever necessary, you also retain 100% ownership of your invention idea, including new intellectual property (IP) we develop for you.

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Under your control

Whether you’re ready to get your product manufactured straight or you need time to consider, build upon, and refine your invention idea, the  speed and overall direction of the project will always remain under your control; meaning that if, for any reason, you need to speed things up or slow them down, we’ll be ready to work at your desired pace.

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Confidentiality and NDAs

Understanding that controlled disclosure is crucial when developing a new product design and speaking with stakeholders, wherever and whenever necessary, we provide a free non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before entering into any discussions; helping you feel reassured that your intellectual property (IP) is safe at all times. 

Alongside providing our own NDAs, we also recommend that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) / confidentiality agreement is signed by both you and the party you wish to disclose information to. 

Whether a manufacturer, customer or a design company, our NDA documents ensure you are protected when communicating your ideas to us as well as outside and third parties.


Advice for first time and new inventors

Keeping your idea secure and developing the design in the most cost effective way, our expert advice for first time and new inventors provides you with everything you need to know about new inventions; from advice on the best ways of protecting and patenting your invention idea to help with funding, as well as visual presentations for sales & investment opportunities.

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Support for new product development

Most invention ideas are in need of some development before an application for intellectual property (IP) can be sought. Applying for intellectual property before an invention is fully developed can often lead to expensive amends having to be made to the application after it is filed. 

By working closely with our experienced and knowledgeable team of product designers, who are all well-versed in every step of the journey from invention idea to market, we will help you develop your product in the most cost effective and efficient way possible; ensuring you get your invention to market as quickly and easily as possible.


Help with crowdfunding inventions, self funding and licensing your invention

Whether you plan to sell/licence the intellectual property within your invention idea, manufacture the end product in order to sell through distributors or even start a new business and sell your product yourself, there are multiple ways to fund your invention idea; from crowdfunding and self funding, to finding an investor.

Idea Reality

Low cost product design and invention help

Idea Reality provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and 3D CAD services to help you make your new invention idea a reality. 

We specialise in working with clients across Europe and the United States as well as the rest of the world. Offering assistance to individuals, start-ups and established companies, with a product idea requiring development or existing product ranges that need improving.