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Our product design and development agency studio is located in the heart of Hampshire, UK. We have a team of experts in product design and development, who have years of experience and are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and established businesses bring their innovative invention ideas to reality.

Chartered Product Designer


Design Director

James is the founder and Design Director at Hampshire based product design and development agency Idea Reality Ltd, and has been designing innovative new products professionally for over 13 years. A member of the Chartered Society of Designers, he has created products for large corporate businesses as well as in house design teams. His product designs have ranged from innovative supermarket food packaging and consumer goods all the way through to modular buildings and structures, giving him a vast knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes. James has won awards for his designs and helping small businesses, start-ups and inventors has always been his passion. He is also a keen environmentalist and enjoys projects where sustainability is a key requirement. In his free time James enjoys growing his own vegetables on his allotment, travelling and practising speaking Spanish.



Client & Studio Manager

Sharon is the Sales & Client manager at Idea Reality. She has a passion for assisting clients to progress their projects from start to completion. Her skill set goes back to South Africa where she grew up and she worked as a Senior Account Manager, Business development and client Servicing Manager. Her ambitions took her to set up her own natural skincare range of beauty products. In her free time she loves spending time with her son, her various pets, 2 dogs and 2 ducks, and she also enjoys her Pilates and Yoga classes for a bit of me time.




Product Designer / Project Manager

Luke is the Project Manager and a Product Designer at Idea Reality. He enjoys taking projects from their earliest idea through the entirety of the development process, paying close attention to detail at every stage to ensure that no stone is left unturned. He believes that communicating clearly with both clients and suppliers throughout is the only way to realise the best vision of a project possible. Outside of work his hobbies extend to cooking, watching films and spending time with his family and pets at home.



Product Designer

Sam is a product designer at Idea Reality, with a strong focus towards electronics. Sam is very technically minded and won't stop until he has engineered products to be mechanically and electronically robust. He enjoys working collaboratively with the rest of the design team to tackle mechanical design challenges and closely interacts with our electronics and prototyping teams. In his free time Sam enjoys playing the piano and racket sports.



Product Designer

Liliana is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. She enjoys the problem solving aspect of design, approaching each brief with an open mind and methodically developing products to deliver innovative, inclusive and user-centred product solutions. Her artistic background plays a significant part in her process, allowing creative freedom to enhance the aesthetic and intangible aspects of her designs.



Product Designer

Samuel is one of the product designers at Idea Reality. He is creatively minded but with the technical knowledge to keep ideas grounded and realistic, allowing him to create aesthetic and innovative designs while keeping a focus on manufacturability. He has a broad artistic skill set and an understanding of peoples wants and needs, which support his work in the various aspects of design we cover in the day to day.



Marketing Manager

Belle is the marketing director of Idea Reality. She writes newsletters and blog articles along with James. She stays in touch with current and past clients and is eager to write about their stories. Her efforts took her to New York, where she completed leadership training in 2018. He is passionate about helping inventors reach their full potential. She believes that inventors need a good support team to develop and make their ideas successful.

Idea Reality Ultimaker 3d printer


Rapid Prototype 3D Printer

Our in-house large volume Ultimaker S5 is the only team member who never sleeps. Working throughout the night to help us quickly and efficiently iterate new design ideas. Ulti helps us meet your deadlines and was recently crucial in helping a client complete their design development in time for their appearance on BBC Dragons' Den.

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