Our Design Sectors

We work across many different industry sectors and product categories. Here are a few of our most popular areas of product design and where we have the most experience. If your product idea does not match with these sectors please reach out to us to discuss the project. Working across a diverse range of product sectors is something we love. Don't forget, innovation in one sector can inspire in another despite the products being completely different.

Toy Design
Products for Children

Toy Design

We have helped start-ups prototype and develop innovative new toys and worked with established companies to enhance their range of kids products

Backstack waterweight
Exercise and Sports

Sport Product Design

Idea Reality have done a lot in the sport product design sector including Running & Cycling backpack design, fitness and gym products, sports massage and training products.

Gadgets, Household items, Personal

Consumer Product Design

Consumer product design covers a wide range of products. Examples could be products for the home, personal care and wellbeing products as well as electronic gadgets

Design to withstand the Elements

Outdoor Product Design

Designing for different environments requires a deep knowledge of materials and production processes to assess suitability for the application. We want products to last a long time outside as well as look and perform there best.

Catipilla award winning pet product design
Household Pet Products

Pet Product Design

From innovative dog feeding products through to premium wall mounted cat furniture we have the pet product design world covered. Get in touch if you have a great product idea for your furry friend

IOT Product Design
Innovative Electronics

IOT Product Design

Our in house electronic product designers work alongside the rest of the product design team to seamlessly integrate the electronics into products for the best user experience. Weather its a smart gadget or a piece of industrial equipment we are the product designers who can help.