It's important for businesses to keep at the forefront of innovation allowing the company to: stay ahead of competitors; explore new markets; as well as have more marketing opportunities to be featured as the leaders in their field. Not to mention that making your business more innovative will increase productivity, engage your staff, and will probably reduce costs.


Naturally we're huge fans of innovation whether that's working on an innovative client project, or making our product design studio in Hampshire more innovative with day to day ideas. Here we share our top tips to help you business become more innovative:


1. Encourage Your Team To Develop Ideas

It doesn't matter how crazy or simple an idea may seem encourage your team to speak up and share their innovation ideas. Have they thought of a new idea how to spend less time making cups of tea or coffee for the whole office? Hear them out - this may be a winner. Have they got an idea for a new app which will make the whole teams life easier by scheduling and alerting them or project deadlines and meetings? You could definitely work with that! No idea is crazy in our eyes. By listening and implementing some of the ideas, you are encouraging the whole team to be involved and use their creativity for innovation.


2. Bring Innovative Technology In To The Office

At Idea Reality we welcome the trial of new technology to help out processes - and we have found some winners along the way. You can start small by using an online diary and storing documents on a cloud based system; or go big and introduce new payment systems, analytics, update your software. Innovation in technology helps us employ programmes which were designed to reduce time and cost.


3. Build An Innovation Team

To inspire new ideas and bring innovation to your business, you need a team of innovative masterminds. Sometimes that means employing a team of innovation developers: these people will be creative and bring a new outlook to the company. When you're building your innovation team look out for individuals with a creative background (whether it's work or leisure), and interesting hobbies - a diverse workforce can bounce off each other and work on developing amazing new ideas!


4. Outsource Your Innovation

Outsourcing your innovation team and creating a relationship with companies and agencies outside of your industry can be extremely useful in coming up with new ideas. You will also have an extra pair of hands when it comes to projects - meaning they can be completed much quicker.


Talk to us about your innovative ideas - we can make them a reality! E-mail us on [email protected] or call 03330 119940. You can also submit your idea for a FREE review with one of our lead designers - click here to do so.